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I really hate these things. Bios. About mes. I never have any idea what to put in here.

But my name is Sarah and most days you will either find me at school, at dance, spending too much money in town or hiding away in my room surrounded by a phone, an iPad and a laptop. Y'know. The usual.

On this blog you will find my long rambles detailed posts on beauty, fashion, and life in general. Because I'm deep like that.

I hope you have as much fun reading what I post as I have writing them, and feel free to leave a little comment after you've done so. I love those things :)

p.s: Comment Courtesy
When leaving a comment you are obviously free to express your own opinions. However, if there is foul language or any nastiness going on, I will delete the comment. So then commenting whatever it was was useless :) 
Also, I don't care if all you comment is 'nice' or 'thanks' but a kind comment and a discreet link to your own blog will make me much likelier to click on said link than 'Nice post! Please read my blog ! Reply when you've followed me and I'll follow back!'. Aside from a ridiculous amount of exclamation marks it just makes me feel like you didn't actually bother to spend 2 minutes of your life reading something I put my time and effort into and are just using me.