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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

haul> Cardiff St David's centre

If you follow me on twitter, you may know that I spent the weekend in Cardiff. It was my first time in Wales and I absolutely loved it- amazing shops and such kind people everywhere I went. Speaking of shops, I spent a good few hours on both Friday and Saturday mooching around the St David's centre; it is undoubtedly the most amazing shopping centre I have ever been in and every shop I like to go was either in it or right across from it on the high street.

I thought some of you might be interested in the things I picked up on my weekend away so here they all are:

Biotherm Pure-fect Skin anti-shine purifying cleansing gel - £15.50

I've never tried any Biotherm products before but I was intrigued by the claims of 'anti-shine' so decided to give it a go. So far I cannot say my face has changed drastically in terms of shininess, but it does seem a lot less oily during the day and my skin already feels softer and looks clearer. Another great thing about this cleanser is that I don't experience any tightness or redness with it as I sometimes do with others.

Origins Super Spot Remover - £14

The highly acclaimed, highly raved about Origins Super Spot Remover is now in my possession. Finally. It is such a small bottle, but seeing a you literally only use a drop of this gel for your entire face- two at most if you have more spots- I feel confident that this will last me a long time. For the couple of days I've been using this I haven't seen any drastic changes, however there have been a couple more whiteheads from the tiny bumps I usually suffer with which I actually take as a good sign because it means the trapped sebum (ew, gross. I know) is being drawn out of the clogged pore. Aside from that, I have had other spots that had been bothering me go away, and the worst of them now look less red and inflamed. The lady at the Origins was so sweet and she also gave me a sample of the Modern Friction exfoliator and Clear Improvement charcoal mask that I can't wait to try out.

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom - £5.99

I spotted this in John Lewis just as my lips were starting to feel dry and I just had to get it. I mean, I love the smoothness and hydration I get from the original balm- and this one's tinted! Plus colder weather is on it's way to England which means chapped lips are soon to arrive and the hushed whispers in class of 'Can I borrow some of your Vaseline?' will swiftly follow.

YSL Touche Teint Éclat in B40 - £29

As with almost every other girl who takes any notice of makeup, I am on a constant search for the perfect foundation. That means: is it the right shade? does it give the right amount of coverage without looking cakey? does it break me out/ cause any other adverse reactions? does it have the right finish? and so on and so forth. Having been matched numerous times before only to find I am in fact 2 shades lighter, this foundation was a god send. It may not look like it from the swatch (my face is not actually the colour of the underside of my arms, would you believe it) but YSL B40 is the perfect match for me at the moment. I also find it very easy to blend and build up coverage, and it doesn't even feel like I have anything on. Seeing as I have not yet broken out in hives and feel no particular itchiness after using the Touche Teint Éclat I'm going to be bold and say things can only get better from here!

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in 08: Pink in Confidence - £24.50

Another raved about product, another YSL product. I was really hopping on the beauty bandwagons that day! I personally prefer the Shine formula to the original Volupté's because the extra moisture in them means I have no need to put a lip balm on beforehand, and they glide on with the silkiest of textures. The shade I bought was Pink in Confidence and it's a lovely mid/dark rose pink that somehow manages to look natural, sophisticated and glamourous all at the same time. 

Charbonnel & Walker Sugared Almonds and Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles

What can I say other than I love food and pretty pink things? 

Oasis Twist Detail Vest - £9

For only £9, it was very hard to say no to such a pretty coloured, dainty tank top. So hard, in fact, that I didn't say no. Oops! It is just my style at the moment- delicate and girly, but still casual- so I hope to get lots and lots of wear out it. Most probably layered with a cardi and warm knitted scarf during these colder months, with a hot chocolate held in my shivering, I-should've-agreed-to-wear-gloves hands.

Oasis Open Cardigan - £25

Oasis, Oasis, Oasis- why have I never noticed you before?! I suppose no one I knew went in there and I always assumed it was for older women, but oh my- if it is meant for older women I can't wait to grow old. This is a super cute pale pink textured cardigan that probably won't keep me all that warm, but that's what coats and scarves are for!

 Oasis Waterfall Cardigan - £25

I think I'm going through a cardigan phase. An Autumn phase. Because normally I'm the one who stays in shorts until October and refuses to wear coats and complains mercilessly when asked to wear anything more covered than a t-shirt. I'm a Spring and Summer kind of person. Much to the delight of my mum, another cardigan caught my eye in Oasis, this time in a taupe, camel sort of colour. With baggy pockets you can easily slouch your wrists in and a fun waterfall style front (hence the name), it's the perfect comfy cardi if you want to look a bit more mature. I honestly don't think I've ever been so excited for Autumn as I am now just because of these cardigans!

And yes, I am aware of how lame that sounded..

Topshop MOTO Black Leigh Jeans - £38

I already have a pair of Topshop Leigh jeans but in a different colour that was starting to fade. The thing that I love about all Topshop jeans is how soft they feel and the overall comfort of wearing them compared to jeans such as my old Hollister ones I wore all the time. Not only that, but Topshop have all sorts of styles to cater everyone's needs from bootleg 'Mom' jeans to high waisted super skinny 'Joni' jeans (see below) and have as wide a colour selection as one needs for jeans.

Topshop MOTO Black Joni Jeans - £36

I bought another pair of black Topshop jeans, this time in the 'Joni' style. I've been wanting a pair of high waisted jeans for a long time, and these are just perfect! You can pair them with your everyday t-shirt or tank top for an everyday look, or opt for a shirt or blouse for a more formal occasion such as dinner out in a fancy restaurant or a work meeting. 

And if you're still here, thank you for reading such a long, picture heavy post.
You rock :)
Don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments and whether you want any of the products I mentioned reviewed in greater detail.


  1. Wow, for what i can see in this post Cardiff is full of shops, i wish i could go one day :)
    I really like Burt's Bees lip balm and it's also cheap but i don't think that i can find it here in Italy :/

    Can i steal you one minute? I logged in Blogger just one day ago and today i finally post something and i was wondering if you'd like to check it Nikami | Beauty and Lifestyle (i can understand if you don't have time for it, don't worry) :)

    1. Yes, I am in love with Cardiff! I come from a small town with hardly any shops so I in total awe.

      Of course I'll check it out :)

  2. lovely post, your writing style is so nice to read! I also am a huge yankee candle fan but my favourite is definitely Summer Scoop - mmmmmm :)

    anna xx

  3. oh i forgot to add, did you design your blog layout yourself or is it a standard one? it's really pretty x

  4. Love all your purchases- that YSL lipstick is a gorgeous colour! I live in Cardiff and the shopping is amazing here! Alice xx

  5. Love all your purchases- that YSL lipstick is a gorgeous colour! I live in Cardiff and the shopping is amazing here! Alice xx

  6. I absolutely love shopping in Cardiff, especially close to Christmas! These are some gorgeous buys, especially that YSL lipstick! xx