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Friday, 30 August 2013

OOTD> she said her name was Georgia Rose

I can't believe school starts in less than a week! Where has the time gone?

I spent much of today at the cinema watching One Direction's behind-the-scenes type film, This Is Us. It was actually pretty good and- between telling psychopathic obsessed dedicated fans to please stop screaming at a screen so we could hear what was being said-I really enjoyed it and was either smiling or laughing throughout the whole thing.

Most of my outfit was pretty girly- lace top, diamonté cardigan, cute skirt- so I decided to make the look a bit more practical and toughen it up (HA! I'm the furthest from tough you can get) by pairing it with a pair of Carvella by Kurt Geiger patent leather and suede trainers. I also wore my new Calvin Klein Ladies Air gold tone watch that I got in Ireland a couple of days ago which I love love love since it's more of a bracelet-watch than watch-watch.

Top: Topshop
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Carvella by Kurt Geiger
Watch: Calvin Klein

Thursday, 29 August 2013

hair haul> Kerastase & Uniq One

One thing that I get most compliments on is my hair. I don't know why- I hate it- but I do. Because I'm a sucker for compliments (even though they make me feel awkward and flustered) I really want to take good care of it and keep it as nice as it can be.
Unfortunately I have lots of little flyaways and light frizziness, and the hair closest to the nape of my neck is so. darn. dry. Therefore, I asked my mum to keep an eye for some products to keep my hair hydrated and hurrah! she found me some lovely goodies to try out.

 As with all three of the Uniq One products I got, the original All In One Hair Treatment apparently has '10 real effects' on your hair. To use, I simply spray this across my roots and at the ends of my hair a few times after roughly towel drying, and finish by taking a wide-tooth comb and brushing the treatment right through. Normally I let my hair towel dry but I quite like using a hairdryer and cylindrical hairbrush after putting this in as it gives extra smoothness and the treatment acts as a heat protectant (according to my hairdresser).

The Uniq One Coconut All In One Hair Treatment does exactly the same job as the original version, however this time it smells like coconuts. I don't think this smells that  much like coconut but there is definitely a light fragrance there which would suit people that a) like coconuts  or b) like being told 'ooh, your hair smells nice!'

As a brand, I've always loved Kerastase as their products are quite expensive but really do seem to do what it says on the tin bottle brilliantly- and the Resistance collection is no different. Without using any other serum or treatment and simply letting my hair dry naturally, my hair felt so much smoother and more hydrated after using this for the first time. Even though I change shampoo and conditioner every time I finish one so my hair doesn't get too used too a product and thus reducing it's effect, I will definitely repurchase this set in a few months time!

What new products have you tried recently?