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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

quick tip tuesday> enhance your eye colour

As a jump back into regular blogging I thought I'd write this little post on enhancing your natural eye colour. Also, let me know if you'd like 'Quick Tip Tuesday' to become a regular 'thing'.

Choosing the right eyeshadow colours are so important when making your eyes really stand out, and for the lid you should try and stick to the rule of contrasting- choose eyeshadow colours that are on the opposite side of the colour wheel from your eye colour. Also be mindful of your skin tone and choose cooler shades for cool skin tones and vice versa.

Blue eyes: Sticking to shades of peach, taupe, camel and brown works best during the daytime, and large, black smokey eyes with lots of mascara and eye liner looks incredible at night, making especially paler blue eyes really pop.

Green eyes: Gold, plum, rust and coppery shades work best for green eyes, an you could even add to the look by using matching eyeliner.

Brown eyes: Daytime looks include peachy tones and gold shadow for a lovely lift to brown eyes. Applied correctly, contrasting with blue shades either with eyeshadow or eyeliner also shows off your eyes. For evening looks, try a warm chocolate smokey eye.

Hazel eyes: For a general look, silvery neutrals look lovely. To fully enhance your eye colour work out what your dominant shade is- it varies a lot between gold, brown and green. 
For mainly green tinged hazel eyes plums and golds are your best bet.
For hazel eyes with gold flecks try soft violet and deep plum shades.
For those with predominantly brown hazel eyes golds and (if you're feeling brave!) blues make your eyes really stand out.

Grey eyes: If you have grey eyes try going for mossy greens or deep purples. Shades of grey itself can also really make your colour pop.

My final tip today is to use a slightly shimmery eyeshadow in a lighter colour than your eyeshadow matching your eye colour and pop a teensy bit of it on the inner corner of your eye. Blend it out slightly onto your upper and lower lash line and Tadaa! Your eyes are now fully enhanced :)

Also, don't be afraid to- if you're in a department store or brand store like MAC- ask the make up artists there for help choosing what shades you should go for. MAC also have a great service on their site where you email them your details and they'll send you an e-mail with a range of products you could try- HERE.

I hope these tips have helped you, and if you have any of your own
or want to request some tips, please go ahead and comment below


  1. I have been looking for this information for ages! Thank you!

  2. Ooh this color wheel is a great way to easily spot new shades I can try :) Thanks!

    xo Rowan

  3. This is such a helpful post! My mother is always asking me to help her with her makeup and I never know what to give her since she has sort of silvery blue eyes! I've got hazel eyes, and this is helpful for me as well! Thanks so much! (and you are so pretty by the way!)


  4. I love that your back into the blogging swing again!:)

  5. So helpful, thankyou! What colours/products did you use in the photo?

    Josie xx

  6. Hey, I love your blog great work ;) Please come check mine out, if you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) XxXx