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Monday, 29 July 2013

dealing with 'down days'

You know those days. The ones where everything turns sour and you feel so upset or angry with yourself and everything around you. Well I'm having one if those right now and it. is. vile. How much easier would life be if happy feelings were the only ones we could feel?

Sarah, stop. You're babbling. 

Okay, right, well whilst trying to cheer myself up I thought I could turn it into a blog post (because who doesn't think of blogging while they're sat in their room about to cry) and give a few tips I've found to help me on these days

This drawing of Aurora/ Sleeping Beauty is just incredible.. by the amazingly talented Kristina Webb


You could do physical excercise like dance, or going to the gym, and get those happy endorphins going, or bury yourself in a good book until you've literally forgotten all of your problems. Anything really that takes your mind off the bad stuff and takes your focus onto something else. Quick tip- avoid watching sad films like The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas or Watership Down, because that will probably make you feel a hell of a lot worse. 

Comforting.. Stuff:

Go for a bit of retail therapy and spend the rest of the day surrounded by pretty new clothes, or bake yourself as many cupcakes as you can possibly make and eat.. one. Eating loads of calorific, fatty, sugary foods will make you feel a bit better while they're actually in your mouth, but once you've realised that- yes, you did just eat twice your GDAs just in cakes- you'll feel guilty and fat. Not a good combo in anyone's book. Just be sensible.
I just love Disney okay?! Once again, by the incredible Kristina Webb

Anger Management:

Want to rip some poor fools head off? Or smash some plates on the floor? Probably not the best idea. If you really need to bash something, find an old pillow and throw it around a bit, maybe even punch it a little. That way, you can get your anger out and nothing gets damaged! Result!

I hope this helped at least one person who's going through a bad day.
I did try and make it lighthearted because when you're feeling down the last thing you want to do is read some depressingly boring writing, so please don't think I'm not taking it seriously.
Tell me what you think in the comments!


  1. we love reading posts like this! it is a nice change from the reviews :)

  2. It's great to see someone address a delicate subject, instead of the ordinary. Your advice will be very helpful to others. Oh and I secretly love Disney as well haha!