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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

review> L'oreal nude magique anti-fatigue cc cream

The Product: L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Anti- Fatigue CC Cream

The Store: Superdrug (in my case)

The Price: £7.99

What They Say: Our new Colour Correcting beautifiers help to eliminate redness, dullness or tired looking skin.

Smart Pigment Capsules in a feather-light hydrator transform into foundation on contact with the skin. Weightless bare sensation. A perfect nude look with buildable, lightweight coverage.

With SPF 12 and 24hr hydration, our latest beauty cream revelation: a magical fusion of skincare and cosmetics. A perfect solution for any woman.

My initial thoughts of the product when I bought it was that the packaging looked really pretty (for a CC Cream) and- I'm not going to lie- the words 'Colour Correcting Beautifiers' lured me in. I had no idea what they were but if they corrected my colour and beautified me then I was all for it!

Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture, 'colour correcting' was probably a marketable way of saying 'colour changing', and not in a good way. As soon as I squirted a small amount onto my hand I could see it was too light and had too much of a yellow tone for me, and it just got worse as I blended it in. I could possibly justify this saying it's simply not for fair skinned, pink undertoned girls were it not for the fact that my friend- who is considerably more tanned than I am, and does have a yellow undertone- applied this unknowingly after coming from lifeguarding and was greeted at my family's dinner party by me loudly saying 'What on earth have you done to your face?!' The only way I can describe this look is by comparing it to some seriously cheap fake tan you'd find on the back end of stereotypical Essex (a county in England infamous for it's partying and fake looks).

As for the formula, I think it's one of those pay-for-what-you-get items. Once blended in, in leaves no streaks or obvious makeup lines (aside from those colour-induced) but it does take a while for it to blend out, so probably not the best if you're in a hurry. It leaves my skin looking quite dewy, but it is verging on oiliness, especially with my normal-oily combination skin, and I have to powder quite a bit to get the desired 'moistness' (ooh, isn't moist a good word? It's a bit of a Miranda* word. Moist.).

Overall, I am far from running back to Superdrug to buy this as the colour is simply not right and I would much rather pay £8 for an eyeshadow or something else I would use and enjoy more as it just doesn't leave me feeling happy about the way my skin feels and looks. Perhaps if the colour issue was sorted out, I would be more inclined to forgive and forget about the other little niggles but alas, that is not- at this moment in time- the case.

* If you do not know who/ what Miranda is, she is Miranda Hart, and it is a TV series written, directed and partly played by her on the BBC. It is also very funny and great for a bit of light entertainment.

Aside from my various makeup woes, everything is going pretty well at the moment! 
I finally have exams out of the way and have more posts lined up for this month, so keep an eye out :)
Have you tried any other of L'oreal's CC Creams? Have you had the same result?


  1. I had exactly the same reaction - all three CC variations come out this orange and even the BB cream is pretty dark! So disappointing, there are definitely far too many pale girls out there to justify this 'colour match' xx

  2. That does look dark! I'm usually the lightest/second lightest shade in all foundations and I have found the anti-redness CC cream by l'oreal (the green one) is great for my skin! It starts off green but blends in as skin colour and it isn't too dark on me at all!

  3. That looks very dark and orange - I will stay clear of this as I am very pale, how disappointing. Oh I love miranda hart, she is so funny, such fun! :)

  4. I love your blog! Maybe you could hope on along to mine, but only if you want to!
    Laura DemandBeauty <3

  5. Great review, but Essex is a county not a town! x

  6. that is too bad. the color looks horrible lol.