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Sunday, 28 April 2013

smokey eye tutorial

Hey everyone! I love wearing smokey eye makeup to add some drama to a look, and here's a little tutorial on how I achieve the look.

The Products:

The Steps:

Step 1: Prime

Using Trish McEvoy's Eye Base Essentials in Bare, I run it over my eyelid with the applicator before quickly blending it in with my finger.

Step 2: Eyeshadow

Using a regular eyeshadow brush, apply the medium brown shade to the centre of the lid

Use a crease brush to add the darkest colour to the outside v of the eye, running it a little through your crease before blending with a fluffy brush.

Taking the lightest brown colour, use a fluffy brush to add it to the inside corners of the eye and blend outwards. I've chosen to soften the eyeshadow a lot here, but you can change this depending on how dramatic you want the look to be by not blending as much and/or using less of the lighter eyeshadow. I've also used a little bit of the pale pink shade on my brow bone and inner corner of my eye to look more awake and give it more of a 'pop'.

Step 3: Eyeliner

To line the eyes, I took my By Terry Khol in Bronze Generation- a green/black with gold flecks- and used a flat-edged eyeliner brush to line all along the upper lash line. Using a colour other than black to line the eyes softens the look and, depending on the shade, can make your eye colour really stand out.

Once the upper lash line is done, take a black eyeliner- I used my MAC Powerpoint- and line just less than a third along the lower lashes of the outside corner. To finish the eyeliner, tight line (line the waterline) a bit further along than you did on your lashes- about a third of the way across- and take the eyeliner just to the very outer corner waterline of the upper lashes to create a more seamless look.

Step 4: Mascara

The very lash thing you need to do to complete a smokey eye is mascara. Just add a couple of coats to the upper and lower lashes- I used Maybelline The Falsies- and you're all set to go!

This is my favourite way to wear smokey eyes, and I hope it helps :)
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  1. I've never read a tutorial post like this before and I sure like it x

  2. This is such a gorgeous smokey eye look, it's not too heavy but still makes your eyes pop! I love it and may try recreating the look for my graduation :) Great post x

  3. Lovely look and unique way of posting a tutorial x

  4. loved this tutorial! very creative :)

    nayab :)