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Thursday, 14 March 2013

mass evacuation!

So, as you may or may not know, Google Reader is shutting down. For good. This means, Shock Horror! finding a new way to follow and keep updated on your favourite blog.

'Tell me Sarah! Tell me how I do it!' I (pretend to) hear you say. Well, let me introduce a little something called Bloglovin'. You might have heard of it before, or seen it in my sidebar, or maybe you're sat there wondering what the hell it is. Bloglovin' is, in it's most basic form, the same as Google Reader, but not by google and a chic-er layout.

Bloglovin' have made an exceptionally kind little tool on their site, allowing anyone who has joined up to sync their GFC blogs with Bloglovin', meaning no trawling through 10's or 100's of blogs, making your fingers ache from typing and constantly pressing the follow button.

Additional features Bloglovin' has are 'grouping' blogs together however you want, e.g. Beauty, Fashion, Favourites, DIY, etc, marking blogs as read as soon as, well, you read them, 'liking' a post straight from your feed and then having an area solely for posts you've liked, popular posts, and 'top blogs'. The 'Top Blogs' area is sorted by area and category, and 'top follower count' and 'up and coming', which is a great way to find blogs you otherwise wouldn't have known about.

Sure, there are plenty of blog reading sites out there, but I am simply recommending the one which I find is easiest to use while still having great features, and is versatile in that you can not only use it on the computer, but also on tablets and phones with their mobile site, or download it on the app store for a nicer reading experience on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Follow the instructions to import your followers to Bloglovin' HERE
Follow me on Bloglovin' HERE


  1. I never got into following blogs on google, I just skipped it and when straight to Bloglovin'! It's soooo much easier except for when a blog isn't on the site! Hopefully this will make everyone switch (: Haha.

    1. Don't forget it's prettier too! I think my favourite thing about it has to be how much more organised it is than GR, though. xx

  2. I'm glad I, too, just followed everyone on Bloglovin' instead of GFC- way easier! I'm sad about GFC closing (so it's official, eh?), but am glad I'm already used to regularly using Bloglovin' :) Following you so I won't miss a post! x

  3. I'm new to your blog and I love it! I love your sense of style and your layout is awesome. Would you like to follow each other? If so, let me know. :)

    My Blog, Crystal's Beauty Corner