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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

guest post> how fake are you?

Hello! My name is Valérie, I blog at Scribbles of Valérie! I was really excited when Sarah asked me to write a guest post on her blog. Since Sarah and I both have kind of beauty blogs, I thought it was appropriate to talk a little bit more about "being fake".

For starters, I really hate the word "fake". It makes me think of fake designer hand bags and I don't think it's a word that should be used on people, but hey haven't we all used the word every once in a while? Lately I've been trying to be less judgemental about people - not that I'm a really mean person, but I think everyone judges everyone, whether it's about a piece of clothing you don't like or some eye shadow. It's a little bit controversial of me to call this article "how fake are you?" but read on and you'll understand what I mean!

There's this very big misunderstanding that girls who wear makeup do it because they are insecure or ugly when they don't wear any, so basically it's all about what other people think and they're so stuck in a rut because every morning they NEED to apply makeup. False! I think a lot of girls apply makeup because it's fun to play around with all this stuff and it's kind of girly. I personally don't really wear tons of makeup, but I do enjoy some mascara every now and then. I might even apply foundation on evenings when I'm going to meet friends. Most of us girls, use makeup because they like how they look with it, isn't it? 

I also really hate it when people start adding personality traits according to the amount of makeup you're wearing. "She's insecure, superficial, she's so much prettier without makeup". It's as if some people just don't get it that we actually like to put this stuff on our faces! 

So what's your opinion on all this? Should we wear less makeup and show our true beauties? 
Do you wear a lot of makeup?


  1. Personally I don't wear tones of make-up although I know quite a few people who do. Most of the girls I know who do really do it because they are insecure about how they look without it. They won't step out the door without spending ages applying.

    I think it's less about showing your true beauty and more about being happy in your skin without wanting to cake your face. So I think there's nothing wrong with wearing make-up, if you like it then go ahead! As long as on occasion you'd be okay, at least walking around your own home without mascara on. But I agree with what you said, sometimes people have to realise girls genuinely like applying make up because we want to do it! This is a good post :)

    Kateez | Beauty, Style & Life

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  3. I personally think SOME make up is there to hide the things we don't like. If I'm having a good day I wear just a tinted moisturiser, if I'm having a bad day I wear a higher coverage foundation. & it is a shame that in today's society some of us feel the need to hide our flaws & look perfect all the time, but then again I'm happy enough to be around my boyfriend with no make up on so I don't think it's a confidence thing more of a 'take pride in my appearance' thing. But I do also agree that I wear make up because I enjoy it & it is fun to try new colours & play about with things. (It's also a great distraction from doing university work haha) I like the way mascara makes my eyes look & I love how lipstick actually makes me look like I'm a human being in the morning. So I do think the reason we use make up is a mix of things but wearing make up definitely doesn't make you fake. This is a really good post :) made me really think about it anyways haha :)