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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

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Sometimes you simply cannot be bothered to physically go into a store, try things on, buy them and lug them around in a bag until you get home, and online shopping is a popular (the only..?) way to overcome that. That being said, here's a list of my favourite places to shop online:

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Cult Beauty: Makeup, skincare, hair care, bath products.. this site has it all! The products featured here are hand-picked by professionals with no financial ties to said product so everything you see is genuinely loved by the top people. A bit pricey at times, but you are getting an amazing service and exceptional product.

Topshop: Being a firm high-street favourite of mine, I love looking at the clothes online. Even if I don't purchase them through their site I can at least make a list of the things I want for when I pop into the real shop.

Boo Hoo: How could I not mention this? It's what I consider a 'traditional' online store because it seems to have been there ever since I first discovered the concept. And with a great range of clothes for all occasions at pretty low prices, it's hard to fault.

Asos: Another 'traditional' site, but slightly more mature and sophisticated than Boo Hoo. I love how they have a marketplace for smaller shops/ brands as well as it makes finding new things so much easier. They quite often have deals or sales on, so if something's a little out of your price range, try waiting a bit and I'm sure something will happen- and if not, you might've saved up enough money for it by then anyway!

Urban Outfitters: They stock more indie/ grungy clothes than other places I shop, but I never fail to find at least a couple of things that I fall in love with on their site.

Jack Wills: 'Fabulously British' aka the english version of Abercrombie and Fitch. This comes somewhere between high-end high street and lower-end designer, which the prices reflect, but the clothing is such great quality, I always have to buy something.

Nasty Gal: I only recently found this store (I know! What rock have I been living under?) but I've already created my dream wardrobe out of their pieces. They have really unique items that I don't think you'd find anywhere else, which is always nice when you're out (don't you hate when you turn up somewhere and something is wearing the exact same thing?!)

Wildfox Couture: Ahhhh! I love this so so much, it's actually ridiculous. I'm talking breaking-down-in-harvey-nichols-because-i-saw-their-clothes ridiculous. They have such cute clothes and swimming wear, I honestly want to buy EVERYTHING I see, except, again, price tag :(

High Heels Suicide: I found High Heels Suicide via Instagram, and for that, I have to say a mahoosive thank you to Insta and the user who spotlighted them. Their clothes are not something I would've worn before, but as my style is constantly changing and evolving, these have become more my sort of 'thing' (ooh, i have a 'thing'!). I feel like their clothes would look especially great worn in the summer at the beach or a festival.

Sherri Hill: Okay, so this might not be a proper online shop, and I might not actually shop here, but look! I'm not a particularly girly person when it comes to clothes, but these dresses are so fun and feminine and I just can't help it. Puuurrdddyyyy <3

What are your favourite place to go to for online shopping?
p.s: Would any of you be interested if I did a 'brand appreciation' series where I choose a brand- well known or otherwise- and create a wish list/look book and say some stuff about it?


  1. Oh I just love UO, Topshop and jackwills!
    A brand appreciation series sounds good! :)
    Thanks for the lovely blog post :)
    I finally set up my blog ( without the layout yet)
    I doodled up a quick header... meh.

    becky xx

    1. Awh yay! Are you on Bloglovin'? Trying to follow everyone on there now xx

  2. Feel Unique is my downfall- I swear it's the free delivery... Sucks me in every time! Such a good post, I'm checking out Cult Beauty as I type!
    I've recently just started my own beauty/lifestyle blog, I'd be so grateful if yourself or anyone else checked it out.

    Jennifer X

    1. Ooh, I do love Feel Unique! I was trying to keep it to 10 shops, and it is SO. HARD. I think I might have more than a little shopping addiction..
      Your header is so pretty! And you have a really great writing style :) Do you have Bloglovin'? xx

  3. :) same idea as Feel Unique but I think they can actually be cheaper at times. Their delivery service is really good too, I always get mine a lot quicker than what they say. Only downside is they can be pretty limited with available shades of products at times xx

  4. Ooh i actually haven't heard of most of these, i'm excited to check them out!
    I lovee Topshop and UO, especially in the UK, i always buy tons of stuff when im there on holiday.

  5. Oh. I do love topshop and forever 21. But in Holland it takes a long time before you actually get your products. Such a Shame

  6. Hey! I havaent heard of some of these, and have just been through them and liked em! Great post, and thanks for more variety! xx

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