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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

guest post> Charlotte Ronson exposed

Bonjour dolls! My name is Brittany from and I am honored to be doing a Guest Post for Sarah! Like Sarah, I'm completely obsessed with beauty products and blogging. Feel free to click over there and see for yourself all the goodies. Anyways, I am here to do this post for Sarah since she is away for the week and she isn't able to post much. Hope you enjoy!

So lately I've been completely obsessed with Charlotte Ronson products, and my issue is, that not that many beauty bloggers have been talking about them! So I'm here to break that ice- right in half!

Charlotte Ronson is a New York fashion designer, born and raised in London, who has now branched off into the makeup world. Her beauty line is specifically designed for Sephora, and you can find any of her products there.

Three products of Charlotte Ronson's that I have been obsessing over are her Eyeshadow palette in Drea, her 3x The Charm Luminizer, Blush and Bronzer palette in Shoshanna and her A Summer's Kiss face and body glow.

Drea Eyeshadow palette:

Ignoring my old watermark (whoops) this eye palette is seriously one favorites. I use it almost daily. It's a great palette for creating a dark or neutral smokey eye look. And the eyeshadows are smooth and feel light but long lasting on your eyelid. The colors are vibrant and noticeable, making this palette versatile and very effective for a bold look.

Shoshanna 3x The Charm:

This trio palette is my main daily face palette. The bronzer (on the right) gives you a soft natural glow that is easy to spread along your face. The soft powder also makes the color subtle and not overbearing. The blush (in the middle) is a soft peachy pink that gives your cheekbones a touch of color with a tad bit of glimmer mixed in. And the Luminizer (on the left) gives the apples of your cheeks a nice highlight without making your face shiny. 

A Summer's Kiss face and body Glow:

With the Spring and Summer trends starting to hit every store imaginable, it's normal for us to want to be darker. And with the sun coming and going lately, this glow lotion helps create a soft glow of color on your skin without overdoing it. It's great for days that you want to wear a cute skirt, or maybe white clothing and not look like you're blending into the cloth, hehe. 

Welp, there you have it! Charlotte Ronson's beauty line is quickly taking over my beauty products and becoming most of my favorites. It's about time the rest of the world discovered her and tried it out!! I definitely recommend all of these products, especially for spring and summer looks. 

Have you tried out any Charlotte Ronson products? How did you feel about them?


  1. that eye shadow palette has the prettiest shades xo

    1. It really does!! The shades also work really well with other palettes, which is another reason why I adore it so much!

  2. These products look adorable, I especially love the face palette - beautiful! xx

    1. Thank you! The face palette is amazing, it gives you all the right shades and glow for a great spring/summer look.


  3. Her packaging really is so cute! I've tried the Beach Spray for hair and really like it :)