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Sunday, 24 February 2013

a beach life fantasy

I have lived in a seaside town for the majority of my life, and let me tell you- it's not all it's cracked up to be. This being England, we never really have the weather to go to the beach and enjoy it like you're supposed to, and when we finally see a few rays of sunshine and feel the heat on our backs, bam! there come the tourists! Compared to a city like London ( which I love love love!!) , seaside towns are some of the most boring, claustrophobic, suffocating places because even though there are less people, it's so small, there's nothing to do and everyone seems to know your business and have to have a say in it. 
However, if you read my previous post '25 facts about me' you'll know that I would love to live in Bora Bora or Guam, and here's why:

On a side note, I was up in London yesterday and it was snowing- yes, snowing!- and it's made me wonder.. When will summer arrive?

If I went on holiday there, I don't think I would have it in me to leave. I'd just camp out under the stars every night and soak in all the beauty and serenity.

Where would your dream place to live be?


  1. Definitely would love to live in the Maldives - cities aren't all they're cracked up to be either! x

    1. I suppose not.. there's a little corner shop right by this hotel I always stay in in London, and the man behind the till is so terrified at night because the mafia come sometimes and take his money and threaten him. Like my mum always says, 'You always want the things you don't have, but really, there's nothing much wrong with what you do have' xx

  2. I, too, live in a seaside town (but in California) and it's kind of what I'd imagine an English seaside town to be like :) I really like it here, though. My dad wanted to move to Guam, actually, but I'm not one for tropical places much. I like to visit but not live there. I definitely know what you mean about the tourists, though, haha