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Friday, 22 February 2013

25 facts about me

1) I have lived in England, America and Belgium

2) When I was younger, I was obsessed with Diddle and I ridiculous amounts of merchandise 

3) So far I have had a dog named Shep, a hamster named Gem, a rabbit called Lily (who I still have) and 4 fish called Rebecca, Rachael, Ruby and something else beginning with R, who all died in 2 months

4) I dance more than 10 hours every week

5) My hair has no volume whatsoever. Zero. Nada. Nothing.

6) My GCSE options are IT(AS Level), Graphics, History and PE

7) I dropped out of early GCSE French because it bored me, people had too many expectations of me and I just didn't have the time

8) My french exchange put 'everything' under her interests- helpful, no?

9) I can't wait to have children so I can dress them up in all sorts of adorable outfits

10) I love saving up to buy an amazing designer product instead of collecting little pieces that I don't like so much and finding amazing bargains at sales

11) I'm a musical obsessive- I've seen almost every one on in the West End, and I like to learn all the songs and choreography

12) I desperately want to go on holiday somewhere beautiful and beachy like Guam or Bora Bora

13) Last summer I went on holiday to Greece and I fainted in a monastery in the mountains while horse riding because of the heat, but the monks thought I was possessed or evil

14) I like having a few absolutely amazing friends who I can always call and have fun with  than loads of 'friends' who I don't really know at all

15) I'm incredibly shy when you first meet me, but I'll quickly warm up to you

16) I make the worst jokes. Ever.

17) I can never get to sleep so I generally only get a couple of hours sleep at most, even when I'm not doing anything and am completely exhausted

18) When my best friend and I had sleepovers when we were younger, we would always sleep back to back so a murderer wouldn't be able to stab us in the back

19) I love all things motivational and uplifting- songs, quotes, movies, you name it

20) I wanted to be everything when I was younger- including a marine biologist because I thought it included swimming with dolphins

21) I adore the way nail varnish looks, but I don't have the skill or the patience or actually put it on and keep it neat

22) My three dream jobs would be a commercial dancer, a fashion journalist or a designer of some sort

23) I have an extra bone in my foot

24) I don't drink anything other than water and the occasional hot chocolate

25) I love all of you reading this!

I'm super duper sorry that I haven't blogged in over a week, which, thinking about it, isn't very much time at all, but it's honestly felt like an eternity. I could give you a whole bunch of excuses about how busy I've been, and how I didn't have anything to write about, but instead I decided to give you a little 'getting to know me' post to make up for it slightly. Hope you enjoy this more personal, lifestyle-y side to my blog!

p.s- Don't I look attractive in those photos..? Hmm.. not really


  1. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist too! Lovely blog by the way >.< ~ Sarah x

    1. I swear everyone did-even my dad! I wonder what it is about that job.. and thank you :) xx
      p.s- you have an amazing name ;)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your 25 facts post :) So cute that you and your friend used to sleep back to back to avoid being stabbed by a murderer! And the fact that you have an amazing bone in your foot - where is it?!

    You've got yourself a new follower, you have a lovely little blog x

  3. What a wonderful blogpost! I really enjoyed reading it ;) I know we haven't spoken in a while so I thought I'd make a quick comment ;) Love your new picture in the right bar by the way :)

    1. Thanks Becky :) I see you've decided on a blog name- congratulations! Can't wait to read some of your posts :) xx

    2. That was just a tester, I'll be creating my name later this month, I'll begin posting around end of March when I get everything sorted ;) Thank you

  4. I loved reading this. I wish I was as good as you and only drank water- im terrible for fizzy drinks!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I wish I did drink more drinks! But I hate the fizz- it makes my tongue feel horrible and hurts my throat- and too citrus-sy/ bitter drinks like orange juice also hurt my throat. Now I have to go through like never getting to pop open a can :( xx

  5. I'm loving your blog already!!! Followed ya ;)

    xx, Yani

  6. This is so silly! I just came across your blog on Louise's and you seem adorable!

  7. I love your blog xx