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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

hot chocolate days

You know those days when you just can't be bothered, and just want to laze around?
You go downstairs, turn on the TV and, well, make a hot chocolate, if that's what you feel like.
But, there always seems to come that moment when someone will ring the doorbell and you face that tough decision on whether to a) answer the door, still in your pyjamas and no make up on, or b) run upstairs, pull on the first things you can in in your wardrobe, drag and brush through your hair and quickly pile on some foundation while calling out 'One second! Just coming, hang on'
And let's face it- neither of those options is particularly appealing.

On these kinds of days I like to wear something very comfortable (no skinny jeans for me today, thank you very much!) and not too much make up, but still look halfway decent.

I would recommend leggings or tracksuit bottoms with a loose top and, if the weather calls for it, a soft, cosy jumper on top. At the moment, my favourite lounge pants would be these Amberstone leggings from Jack Wills that, although aren't part of their Loungewear collection are really soft and light, and easy to just pull on in the morning, and this cat jumper and this spotted jumper from Next are such a cute way of bringing a print and some fun into what could otherwise be a drab, boring outfit.

Makeup wise, I find putting on tinted moisturiser or BB cream the best option because it's  light and really natural, and then just use concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes I may have. If I'm just staying home, I won't bother putting eyeshadow on, and rarely put blush or bronzer on. Instead, I just add a couple of coats of mascara to my eyelashes and put some tinted lip balm such as Vaseline's Rosy Lips Lips Therapy which quenches and moisturises my lips so well while still adding a bit of colour.

All this will take less than half an hour, and then voilá! You're ready for a day of resting and relaxing, and totally prepared for any sneaky doorbell-ringers.

What's your favourite bit about hot chocolate days?
Any tips on what to wear and how to do your make up?


  1. I love lazy days and like you said it is always these days that somebody actually knocks on the door! I love the outfit and you look so lovely in that picture!

    1. Thank you, that made me smile :) It annoys me so much when I have to actually move to go to the door on those kinds of days, but at least now I look semi- presentable! xx