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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

hogwarts is real, right?

 How amazing is that moment when, after the Christmas/ Winter holidays, you meet up with friends who have been away, and the they pull out a little souvenir for you?
What's even more amazing is when they pull out a Chocolate Frog from the Harry Potter Wizarding World theme park in Florida. Come on, who doesn't like a bit of HP? In any case, not me. I am totally, 110% in love with J.K Rowling and her books (and how gorgeous is Emma Watson?! Love her Burberry shoots) so when I opened this.. Oh my. Best not to go there, I'll get over excited again.
 Lucky me- The cards in mine were stuck together so I got two instead of one! Soon enough, I'll have a collection to rival Ron's!

 Thinking of re-using this pretty box as some kind of storage, what do you think?

'Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville's lost one.'

I have to admit though, I was slightly disappointed. The people who made the card obviously did not do their research- the writing on the back describing what Dumbledore has achieved does not match that in the book! Tut tut tut.
On the plus side however, the chocolate was dee-lish-ous! mmm..!

So, any other Potterheads out there? Don't worry about not getting your acceptance letter yet, the toad told me they're just a bit behind on paper work ;)


  1. I've always wanted one of these! I don't think i'd ever be able to eat it though. I'd want to keep it forever. x

    1. I didn't even know you could get them, it was like Christmas day all over again! And I know, it was so sad :( I waited the whole day to eat it just so I could take pictures of it, and then I had to otherwise someone else in my family would steal it, haha. Well, hopefully my memories of it will last forever? Checking out your blog x

  2. oh wow this is sooo cool! i have just watched all of the Harry potter films consecutively again and im such a fan! Shame they didnt do their research ay!! but at least froggy was delish! heehee!xx

    1. Oh God, it was amazing! I must have watched and read the books AT LEAST 10 times each, it's getting ridiculous.